Join Tom as he is interviewed by Robb Thompson of Lifestyle 360 Podcast. Tom has worn many hats throughout his
This podcast is not about criticizing anyone’s parents. Rather its important to build enough awareness to know which messages we
The podcast will discuss the similarities and differences between sex addiction and other addictions. Through out all of my podcast,
We are not responsible for our childhood wounds but we are responsible to heal them or at least manage them
In this podcast we will discuss the ways to get through a painful divorce or breakup. When should you start to
This podcast discusses the creation of healthy boundaries in our lives. It will outline why creating boundaries may be difficult
Campus bullying and Hazing has reached epidemic levels and is of major concern to Students, parents, and faculty. What are
Yes, chocolates are great, and so is jewelry, but the real thing women and men crave is intimacy. Unfortunately, many
It’s difficult for some of to believe in a loving higher power whether we call this a higher calling ,
Men have grown up with childhood messages, society messages, and peer messages that dictate what it takes to be a
Through self- awareness and positive actions this podcast will provide the listener with tools to help them battle through their
This podcast will discuss why we live in a society riddled with anxiety. Today’s youth have received confusing messages, which
This podcast discusses how childhood messages shape a person’s life. These messages lead people to play certain roles in adult
This podcast will discuss the truth concerning co-dependency. Co-dependency can be debilitating and affect everyday choices. Thus, it is crucial
This podcast will highlight what a person should learn from an unsuccessful relationship in order to achieve an enduring one
There is no such thing as a perfect relationship and conflict is inevitable. This podcast will discuss why attending counseling
Sometimes a relationship needs a devastation to create a miracle. Some relationships were never meant to be so ending the
Cheating comes in different shapes and sizes—from emotional affairs to adultery. And now, more and more instances of inappropriate online
Relationships will work if you both work them. If the conversations your having isn’t bringing you the results you desire,
As school begins so does bullying.  60% of middle school students say that they are bullied in school; with the
Who did you want to throw the turkey at this Thanksgiving. I’m going to talk about the holidays and the
In this day and age it is seemingly impossible to shelter our children from the constant influx of information from
In this podcast we will discuss seven ways to enhance emotional intimacy and closeness with our significant other. Poll questions
In this Episode: This podcast will explain why addiction becomes an intimacy substitute to some people. We will discuss what
In this podcast we will discuss seven key parenting skills designed to enhance self- awareness. Strengthening self- awareness will help
In this Episode: This podcast will discuss the ways childhood messages impact every aspect of our lives, to the intimacy