Hazing – the dirty little campus secret – Thomas Gagliano

Hazing – the dirty little campus secret

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February 14, 2019
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February 28, 2019

Campus bullying and Hazing has reached epidemic levels and is of major concern to Students, parents, and faculty. What are the key components concerning Hazing? How does supposedly innocent fun turn into devastating outcomes? What are the ingredients that create this scenario? We know that one ingredient is anger; all of us have some anger inside. Another ingredient seems to be alcohol since 90 percent of hazing accidents involve alcohol. If you put the first two ingredients together the result is a destructive entitlement. This is where the participants give themselves permission to act in ways regardless of the harm it causes themselves or others. We know we can pay a devastating price for hazing but what are the goals. What are the participants looking to get back from these actions and are they getting back what they expect.

The college student trusts that the group will not harm them moving blindly, ignoring their own values and beliefs because hazing is connected to traditions and no one questions traditions. They trust the leader will keep them safe, an assumption that can have devastating results. The student has no hazing experience so there is no reference as to the dangers ahead. They are told that the fraternity comes before the individual, a powerful and dangerous message.

We will also discuss bringing awareness to the student as to the PAYOFF as well as helping the student think about whether they are receiving what they thought they were getting. This podcast will discuss the creation of student support group to monitor and to help each other to take safer actions as well as reporting hazardous hazing. How can parents, faculty and police govern hazing actions so that there is less chance of disastrous results.