A Society Riddled With Anxiety a Guest Interview on Lifestyle 360 Podcast

What Are Some Signs You Grew Up With A Toxic Parent
April 4, 2019

Join Tom as he is interviewed by Robb Thompson of Lifestyle 360 Podcast. Tom has worn many hats throughout his career. As a young man, he soon became a successful entrepreneur with a proven track record in small business ventures in the greater New York area. Tom has also been a high profile leader in addiction and self-help therapy. He helped develop unique methods and procedures which have helped numerous institutions and individuals with anxiety and addiction issues.

In This Episode:

  • Why our society today is riddled with anxiety and depression
  • How communication has this led to distorted values and cultivated an anxiety-ridden society
  • What we can do to escape perfectionism and the feelings of sadness and inferiority
  • How social media has played a part in contributing to this increasing problem
  • What we can do as parents, mentors and leaders to help future generations combat the outside messages