How is sex addiction the same and different from other addictions?

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March 21, 2019
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April 4, 2019

The podcast will discuss the similarities and differences between sex addiction and other addictions. Through out all of my podcast, childhood messages will be discussed as the key ingredient towards healthy adulthood. In addiction, neurons that are fused together in childhood will stay together in adulthood, and acted out with various addictions. The podcast will explain the steps needed for the addict to heal and the reason why sex addiction, namely pornography, is and will continue to be the most powerful addiction we have today. This podcast will demonstrate how both addictions have similar underlying qualities, but also provide the difference in the healing process for sex addiction. Due to the stigma of sex addiction, both in and out of twelve step rooms, the shame and understanding of ‘triggers’ must be handled in a different manner than other addictions.