Cheating Made Easy: The Age of Digital Infidelity – Thomas Gagliano

Cheating Made Easy: The Age of Digital Infidelity

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November 15, 2018
Infidelity and betrayal- Mending back a broken relationship
December 6, 2018

Cheating comes in different shapes and sizes—from emotional affairs to adultery. And now, more and more instances of inappropriate online relationships are surfacing. Digital infidelity is when we use digital products, computers, phones, wristwatches or televisions where we are viewing, listening or writing about sexual innuendo that should only be shared with our significant other.  It is betrayal, only its betrayal using digital products. This comes in the form of pornography, sexting, texting, chat rooms etc. Usually, they are kept secret from our significant other and shameful in nature. This podcast will discuss .How can you tell if Your Partner is doing It? What are some examples/signs to pay attention to?