In this 4-part video coaching series, Tom Gagliano digs into the common challenges and obstacles facing parents today, and the habitual, learned behaviors that permeate into our parenting styles. Based on his own experiences with private clients, Tom reveals the hidden details to affect our ability to be good parents, what our children need from us, and how to structure your parenting styles to create a healthy balance between love and the needs of our children.

Tom Gagliano's Strengthen Your Parenting Skills Digital Program is over 2 hours of coaching tailored to your unique circumstances. Whether some, all, or none of the above questions apply to you, the Parenting Program will help you become a more informed, rational, and effective parent.

The Strengthen Your Parenting Skills Digital Program Includes:


Video 1: Parenting

In order for our children to grow up to have healthy relationships with others and confidence in themselves, they need to be instilled with compassion in their formative years. In this audio, Thomas Gagliano speaks not only from his experience with the many families he’s helped but from his own personal experience as a child with bullying issues and as a father on a mission to be a hero to his own children.

Enjoy this chapter that examines the importance of providing our children the safety and assurance of healthy messages and compassion.


Video 2: Material Things

Do you overindulge your children? Is this motivated by your own feelings of guilt? It’s common today for even the best-behaved children to be overindulged with material things. A video game when they’ve had a bad day. A shopping trip when they shut down and don’t want to talk. Unfortunately, this practice can hinder more than help, sending the message that things can substitute feelings of worth and value. In this audio Thomas Gagliano guides families through the simple, loving steps they can take to separate materialistic needs from emotional needs, preparing children for healthy relationships into adulthood.


Video 3: Parenting Relationships

In this eye-opening audio, published author and established life coach Thomas Gagliano takes a reflective look into the relationship between parents and how it affects all relationships within the family. Even as parents work together to create healthier dynamics between themselves and within their families there will often be resistance. Changes occur not only in the relationships between parents and children but even between siblings. That’s normal and must not be allowed to derail progress. A strong parental foundation is the best vehicle toward a nurturing family dynamic that encourages healthy interpersonal relationships both inside and outside of the home.


Video 4: Support Groups

Do you know what your children are up to? Who they’re hanging out with? Why they’re spending so much time on their computers? In this powerful finale to his 4-part Parenting series, Thomas Gagliano puts the pieces together with eight action items to create closeness with your children. In this enlightening audio, Tom gives parents permission to not only be curious about their children’s activities but to be nosy as well. You’ll learn how to celebrate and support your children while monitoring your own inner child and he provides steps to create or participate in support groups when necessary.

Read what others have said:

  • Steve L.
    I have been working with Tom for seven years. When we started I was a newly separated business man with 3 daughters 6 and under about to walk through a divorce, potential economic collapse and having to take care of 3 young girls. I was Filled with fear, anxiety and a ton of bad habits like control, lack of patience, self-centeredness. I felt actually broken. Tom walked through them all with me. With his guidance, compassion and knowledge he taught me to be a more present, compassionate, loving and empathetic man. I can say I know Me more that at any time in my life. And if I choose..that will continue. The economic situation stabilized. I actually have a relationship with my ex based on healthy boundaries and mutual respect. As a Dad, Tom has taught me to listen to my children. To be ok with not having all the answers when it comes to my kids or life for that fact. I don’t judge my children. I truly try to understand what it is to be a teenager again. We talk. Just this past week I realized I spent an entire week of vacation and did not raise my voice once. That’s a miracle. My kids are from a divorced, once broken family. But they are not broken today. His knowledge, Personal Experience, and insights, continue to be an inspiration and guide to me along my journey.
    Steve L.
  • Ari and Chaya B.
    We’ve been seeing Tom for the past year. Initially, he suggested we take actions with our children that I thought would never work. He told me not to strive for perfection just takes an action a day. Later I understood what he meant when he said boundaries make life easier not more difficult. My son was afraid of going to school so Tom started to tell me to try to think about how he feels, not only how I feel as a parent. When I started to do that and listen more he started to talk to me more and tell me his feelings. He still gets afraid but we talk about it, its not a war every morning. As Tom always says we needed to make our relationship a we process not a me process. Thank you Tom and keep up the good work.
    Ari and Chaya B.
  • Ken Baldo, Coaching Client
    I was facing difficulty in having my own identity and living the life I wanted because of the responsibilities and commitment to my family and career. It was causing me to look for others in my life to change and not seeing how I was responsible for my own experience. I felt stuck, restless and hopeless. Tom helped me not only become a more free and powerful man, but gave me the tools and skills to happily stay committed to my family and career. As a result, I increased my overall satisfaction in life while staying true to my values and while creating a more open, harmonious and balanced relationship with my family. Now, I am able to enjoy my life as the man I always wanted to be while becoming a positive role model for my children and a real team player with my wife. Without Tom's help I would still be figuring out how to make life work for me and not realize I had the power inside me all along.
    Ken Baldo, Coaching Client
  • Rick and Janene
    Before I met Tom and started with his group I had difficulty with relating to my wife. In Tom's group we learn about relationships and what it takes to be honest and maintain intimacy. Learning how to validate each other’s feelings and understand that what I say may not be what my partner hears has created tremendous closeness in our relationship. I would recommend Tom's group to anyone seeking to improve their interpersonal relationship skills. Regards
    Rick and Janene
  • Mark and Joy
    I had poor skills to express intimacy, hurt, secrets, and self-esteem problems with my long term girlfriend, and had problems with long term relationship commitment. I have continued with the relationship for far longer than any other relationships, largely due to the fact that we have had times of genuine intimacy and vulnerability, and mutual support. Tom taught me how to be comfortable in my own skin and that has helped me share my feelings with my girlfriend.I would definitely recommend Tom's couples consultations to other couples.
    Mark and Joy
  • Joel R. & Barbara W.
    Tom has taught us how to communicate openly and honestly. Now we can share our feelings and be heard without fear of hurting each other. Learning how to be emotionally intimate has made physical intimacy better than ever. Thank you Tom from the both of us.
    Joel R. & Barbara W.
  • Mark and Judy
    Before I started group therapy I was afraid to express my feelings. I had trouble being close to other men because of my troubled relationship with my father as a child. I had a huge fear of intimacy. Today, I have a much easier time expressing my feelings to other people. I have incredibly close relationships with men as friends and confidants. My fear of intimacy has diminished greatly. Tom Gagliano is incredibly intuitive. He creates a sense of feeling safe while we discuss intimate issues. Today I’ve learned to talk to my wife and not react if I don’t hear what I want to hear. My wife and I recommend Tom’s groups to anyone who wants to work on themselves and become a better partner to their spouse.
    Mark and Judy
  • ...helpful to anyone who wants to break the cycle of self-defeating thoughts and self-destructive behaviors.
    Counselor magazine
  • Sharkie Zartman
    Every once in a while, a radio guest comes along with not only pertinent information to share, but also a heart of gold. Thomas Gagliano was that guest for my show, Sharkie's PEP Talk on Healthy Life Radio. He is one of the few people who actually takes responsibility for his life, and teaches others to do the same. His humility, positive perception, gratitude, and willingness to learn from life's  challenges are refreshing traits in a world that blames and whines about every little problem. His amazing book, The Problem Was Me, should be required reading for everyone.
    Sharkie Zartman
  • Veronica Faisant, Producer/Host
    Tom Gagliano delivers an inspiring message of hope to individuals who have felt trapped in a cycle of self sabotaging behavior. In a voice that is powerful, yet gentle and compassionate, Tom has the ability to capture the imagination and engage the spirit of his listeners!
    Veronica Faisant, Producer/Host
  • Richard Stevens
    Thomas Gagliano has been a guest on my syndicated radio show on numerous occasions. He is insightful, informative, inspirational and down-to-Earth. He brings a very personal perspective to universal themes. He relates his own experiences and life-lessons in a way that they become surprisingly familiar to anyone who has dealt with similar issues.
    Richard Stevens
    The Richard Stevens Show
  • Evan Eley, Director of Public Affairs
    Thomas has been on our program, Joy in Our Town, twice and has brought some incredible insight into what creates some of the roles each of us play in our society. He breaks it down in terms for anyone to understand and, therefore, form strategies that will help correct and/or improve their lives.
    Evan Eley, Director of Public Affairs
    Trinity Broadcasting Network