Dealing with the Holiday Blues – Thomas Gagliano

Dealing with the Holiday Blues

Talking to Your Kids About the Tough Stuff
October 25, 2018
Bullying Begins in the Home
November 8, 2018

Who did you want to throw the turkey at this Thanksgiving. I’m going to talk about the holidays and the unneeded stress we put upon ourselves when we go back to our family of origin. We play roles in our adult life that were created by the messages we received in childhood. What inner voice is commanding us to play these roles and why do we listen? For instance: How many of your listener’s play the role of:

  • PEOPLE PLEASER – Do you say yes to family and friends because saying no is too painful? Learn why it’s so difficult for so many people to say no. In my book I discuss the ways to silence the inner voice that is responsible for this.
  • CARETAKER –   Do you carry the burden of the family’s problems on your shoulders because it’s your role to take care of everything and everyone? What inner voice makes you feel so guilty when asking for help?
  • PERFECTIONIST – Are you allowed to make mistakes in front of your family? God forbid the family sees you stumble at times. When you made a mistake did you identify yourself as a mistake? In my book I explain the ways to silence your oppressive bully and give yourself the   compassion you deserve.
  • DEFIANT ROLE –Do you always have to be right with family members even if it pushes them away? Learn how to choose your battles, relinquish the need to be right and choose closeness instead.
  • INVISIBLE ROLE- When you return home do you to lose your voice and disappear with family members. Learn how to find your voice with others, win back your rights to share your feelings, and allow yourself to be heard by others.