August 15, 2012

Long Term Emotional Issues Related to Bullies and Their Victims

According to the ASPCC (American Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Children) each day an estimated 160,000 students in the USA refuse to go to […]
September 13, 2012

Ashland Hazing Incident Puts Spotlight on Bullies

Story shared from the Mail Tribune. Paul Coughlin has harsh words for bullies: Stop it on the schoolyard or you may end up in a prison […]
November 12, 2013

Coping with Holiday Stress

The holidays are a wonderful time of year for many of us, but they can also produce a great deal of stress. Running from store to […]
February 6, 2014

The Lonely Life Of The Addict

Many of us know someone whose life has been decimated by addictions. Whether they are family or friends, we ask ourselves why do they turn away […]
September 24, 2015

Synthetic Marijuana Bust Highlights Growing Threat

Synthetic marijuana's growing popularity proving dangerous and often fatal.
October 15, 2015

Addiction at the Top

Lamar Odom is another tragic victim of addiction. When will we learn that addiction is not the problem, but rather a misguided solution? The real problem […]
July 21, 2016

Let Go of That Grudge

We’re only human and sometimes, without even knowing it, we hold grudges.